Meet the Board Members

Adda Executive Committee 2019-2020


Being the President member for Shanghai Adda, I truly appreciate the time & energy members have dedicated throughout the year to ensure the success of all events.

As for me, this year has been a wonderful experience. I would like to spread Joy, boundless enthusiasm and rentless hardwork that led to the establishment of this wonderful society. We are blessed to be able to promote the Bengali Tradition in Country like China. Love, respect and Peace !


Beena Wagela


It is my honour to be part of Shanghai Adda which has members from different walks of life with rich Bengali traditions, art & culture . The purpose of this organization is well achieved by celebrating Saraswati Puja, Pohila Boishakh, Rabindra Jayanti and Durga Puja to name a few. It gives an opportunity to our new generation to learn about their roots even when they are miles away from their homeland. Being the secretary I encourage everyone to come forward and work together towards the success of our events.


Rajangam Sriram


For me Shanghai Adda is like  a wisp of fresh air which brings the scent of our motherland and teleports us instantly so that we feel we are at home even if living in a distant land. In my responsibility within Shanghai Adda just try to help maintain the necessary balance from funds perspective so that show can go on uninterrupted.


Subrata Das

Durga Puja 2019 Countdown

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